what we do?

• We identify promising startups and entrepreneurs with disruptive technologies

• We develop innovative startups into competitive worldwide players in biotechnology and digital health

• We support business development with mentorship and by connecting the entrepreneurs with the corporate market

our value proposition

To be the catalyst in healthcare entrepreneurship in Brazil. Acting as a platform for open innovation, developing innovative startups to offer world-class solutions.

Open dor to the future

Open D’Or Healthcare Innovation Hub has a world-class infrastructure and qualified professionals to accelerate innovative projects. It is in our DNA to value bold, creative initiatives ready to go to market.

Simulation of a hospital environment including a development laboratory, tests and integrations with systems and equipment used by Rede D’Or São Luiz

Practices and experimentations in simulated environment

Mentorship by experienced Rede D’Or São Luiz professionals on the frontline of operations

Practices and experimentations in simulated environment

Our knowledge is disseminated through an environment created for startups to realize their full potential.




specialized mentorship

Hospital Management and Operations

Intellectual Property

Strategy and business development

Expertise in scientific research

Access to hospital systems and technologies

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